Tuesday, September 4, 2012

meet delilah!

a couple days ago i was walking around downtown and decided to stop in urban outfitters. it's been kind of rocky getting adjusted to college life and i've been feeling pretty down lately, so i decided to hunt for a new camera while i was in there. i finally decided on the pink fisheye that i have been wanting for some time now. i think fisheye pictures can be super fun, especially at the various (crazy) events that often come with the college package. i decided to name her delilah (one of my favorite names<3) and i've already started putting her to use!
lauren (my roomie & bff from high school) and i trundled our beds and my bed is on the top so i have tons of wall space up there. i really want to start a photo collage from all of the pictures i've been taking on my film cameras. i'm putting harry to use like crazy and i'm working on getting lola and delilah through a couple rolls before i take the film in to be printed. i'll post pictures once i get it started!
keep calm & snap on, my friends!

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