Wednesday, August 29, 2012

my happy place

yesterday i moved into my dorm room. it was such chaos that i basically didn't have time to think at all. so when i woke up this morning, i felt pretty alone and homesick and not comfortable in my new room whatsoever. one of my favorite teachers from high school always told me when i was stressed or upset to block out the world and go to my "happy place." last year we decided my happy place was london, seeing as i was getting ready to study with national geographic there this past july. so as i sat here earlier today listening to my "lonely" playlist (i'll post it for you guys sometime), i decided to look through my london pictures and try to visit my happy little place across the pond where i fell in love with the most amazing city (besides new york!!) this past summer.
here are some of the pictures i've gotten around to editing so far. i've been trying different styles with these to see what i like. i'm all over the place with them. i'm reallyyy liking the black and white so far, though. we'll see where i go with the rest of the ones i have yet to tackle :) i hope you enjoy them!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

my "stressing out" playlist

i'm currently condensing my life to fit into a very small dorm room at the moment. how is a girl expected to fit her wardrobe into a dorm room closet? cue stephy frantically packing while trying to get a million other things crossed off her checklist. 
here are some of my favorite songs that help me when i stress out. i hope they help you de-stressify as well. Keep calm & carry on, my friends.
- Stephy

1. River Flows in You - Yiruma
my all time favorite. this song gets me through everything.

2. In Search Of (Cowboy Mike Remix) - Miike Snow

3. Sunday - Bloc Party
my favorite song in the entire solar system

4. Schitzo - Brokencyde
caution: this song is not for the faint of heart :| lots of screaming and anger and vulgar language will soon fill your eardrums after pushing the play button.

5. Baptism - Crystal Castles

6. I'm Not Alone (Deadmau5 remix) - Calvin Harris

7. Oh Well, Oh Well - Mayday Parade

8. Keep Holding On - Glee Cast

9. A New Day Has Come - Celine Dion

10. Swim - Jack's Mannequin

new books!

a couple days ago i was out and about downtown with my best friends lauren and vinnie and i convinced them to go to our little independent bookstore. i went in with the intention of getting Looking For Alaska by John Green, but it was sadly out of stock. :( instead i settled for two other books that have been on my to-read list for quite sometime. :) 

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell
Read the goodreads summary here.

i've wanted to read this book for a really long time but i had never gotten around to picking this up. HOWEVER, i am still ecstatic to read it because it is all about following your dreams (RIGHT TO NYC!!!!) and i know it's going to give me inspiration overload :):):)
PLUS, i just discovered that this book is going to be made into a tv series on the cw. *cue spazz attack*
want to watch the trailer? click here! :)

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Read the goodreads summary here.

Just about every book fanatic i follow online has talked about this book and i'm JUST now hopping on the bandwagon. i've heard mostly positive things about it, so i'm pretty stoked to start it (...once i finish the gazillion other books i have lined up before these two. lesigh)

welp, there we have it. i don't exactly know what i'm doing yet with these posts so i kind of just babble and hope people don't throw rotten veggies at their computer screen ;D 


Welcome to my blog!

i figured for my first blog post i would make a stop motion video as a fun little kick-off! :D i hope you like it :)