Saturday, September 22, 2012

favorite covers playlist

I'm a sucker for a good cover, so I made a playlist of some of my favorite ones. Happy listening!

21 Guns - American Idiot The Musical (Green Day)

Colorblind - Natalie Walker (Counting Crows)

Whatever You Like - Anya Marina (T.I.)

Wicked Game - Gemma Hayes (Chris Isaak)

Sunday Bloody Sunday - Lisa
(i can't find any videos of just the song on youtube so i had to use the video of this dance lulz. it's a fantastic dance, though!)

Without You - Glee (David Guetta)

When I Grow Up - Mayday Parade (The Pussycat Dolls)

Karma Police - Panic! at the Disco (Radiohead)

Amazing Grace - LeAnn Rimes

Time to Dance - String Quartet (Panic! at the Disco)

I Wear My Stunna Glasses At Night - Federation (Corey Hart)

Fly/I Believe I Can Fly - Glee (Nicki Minaj & Rihanna; R. Kelly)

Phantom of the Opera - Lindsey Stirling

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


yes, i know. i have a problem. over the last two weeks, i have been accumulating books galore. they're all from urban outfitters, the barnes and noble store in the umich union, and this awesome new bookstore i just discovered downtown. obviously i am still mourning the death (yes, death. MURDER, really) of borders so i am out to find a new favorite bookstore. i believe i just found it. i wandered into Dawn Treader Book Shop last week and fell in absolute love. it is the most chaotic bookstore i have ever seen, with books crammed into bookshelves and piled high up to the ceiling from the floor. they have everything from new books to first editions to signed copies. i even found a few old library books for sale. but the best part? EVERYTHING IS HALF OFF. some of the hardcovers i bought look as if they're in brand new condition but each one was at LEAST half the original price, if not 75% off. it's amazing. however, the store's selection is all over the place so you have to hunt, and i mean HUNT to find what something you want. but i have never felt so calm in a store as i do there. i believe i have found book heaven.
anyway! on to the haul! enjoy!

By Wendy Toliver
read the summary here
this book is supposed to make you really consider morality and the true goodness of people, so it should be a good story. i also really like the colors of the words on the cover and the lighting of the picture. those aspects encouraged me to take this with me when i checked out :)

Bared to You
By Sylvia Day
read the summary here
this book is supposed to be very, VERY similar to 50 Shades of Grey, except better written. if you know me, then you know that i am obsessed with christian grey. and when i say obsessed, i mean OBSESSED. he is perfection. ANYWAY. i saw this book (the cover looks just like a 50 shades book would so i picked it up) and i basically freaked right there in the umich bookstore. 

 The Wah Nails Book of Nail Art
By Sharmadean Reid
i picked this up at urban outfitters during their college student sale. it has awesome photography and music playlists to go along with the nail themes. and nail polish is one of my biggest obsessions (NAIL POLISH HAUL ANYONE!?!?!) so it was a must-buy.  

Daniel Half and The Human Good Nazi
By David Chotjewitz
read the summary here
i found this is my new favorite bookstore. it's very different from the books i usually go to (distopian, art, & romance) but WWII is probably my favorite war to read about, so i'm very excited to get started on this!

Deadly Little Lies
By Laurie Faria Stolarz
read the summary here
i also found this at my new favorite bookstore. i read the first one (deadly little secret) a few years ago and i believe it completely freaked me out, therefore i loved it. i love the covers for this series. each one is very haunting and eerie. i think i'm going to reread the first book before i start this one so i'm not confused, but i definitely recommend this series!

Instant Love
By Jenifer Altman, Susannah Conway, and Amanda Gilligan
this is another book from UO and i deemed it a necessity for my bookshelf. it's filled with ideas of this to do with polaroids and it's AWESOME. i'm obsessed with polaroids (still trying to decide what polaroid camera to get D: ) so when i saw this (ON SALE FOR $2. yes, that's right. TWO DOLLARS) i almost cried from happiness. the children (my cameras lulz) are quite content with it. :)   

The Lovely Bones
By Alice Sebold
read the summary here
not going to lie, i just really wanted to buy a book from the bookstore in the union, and this is the closest i could find to something i would like out of their (very) limited selection. all i know is that it is heartbreakingly heartbreaking (if that makes sense) and it will probably haunt me (so basically i'm going to love it). I CAN'T WAIT TO START IT. 

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
By Ransom Riggs
read the summary here
I wasn't planning on reading this book but i'm a part of a few different young adult book clubs on goodreads and this is one of the books for the month of september. i figured i might as well pick it up at the UO student sale and give it a try. i'm quite sure the pictures alone will give me nightmares, so i can't even imagine what the actual story is going to do. i might wait until october though so i can do a halloween themed tbr (to be read) for that month.

Notes From The Teenage Underground
By Simmone Howell
read the summary here
this one looks so incredibly good to me and i feel like no one knows about it, which makes me sad. but i'm so excited to read it (mainly because it's about fiiiilm and making movies and it's challenging to find interesting books on that subject. so YAY! 

The Queen of Everything
By Deb Caletti
read the summary here
this book has been on my list for a while and i finally got around to picking it up after i saw it at my bargain book store. it has mixed reviews, but it was only $3.50 so i figured whatevs, if i don't like it no biiig. 

Quoteskine Volume 1
By Lee Crutchley
i actually picked this up today in UO while i was in there hunting for something ELSE (you'll hear about that very soon..STAY TUNED THIS MONTH) but it's full of lyrics and quotes and illustrations that this artist loved and it has lots of inspirational things in it so i thought it would be fun to add to my bookshelf (i love fun coffee table type books, if you couldn't tell) 

Teen Idol
By Meg Cabot
read the summary here
i used to adore meg cabot when i was younger, so i thought i would give her books another go. this one looks like just a fun read so hopefully it poses as a nice break from the heftyness schoolwork brings!

Friday, September 7, 2012

sadface playlist

sadness sucks. music helps.

speeding cars- imogen heap

i can feel a hot one - manchester orchestra

existentialism on prom night - straylight run

signs - bloc party

holocene - bon iver

river flows in you - yiruma

stars and boulevards - augustana

fall to pieces - avril lavigne

silver sorrow - azure ray

creep (radiohead cover) - jayme dee

the rose - bette midler

middle distance runner - sea wolf

song of the caged bird - lindsey stirling

everytime - britney spears

oh well, oh well - mayday parade

hey there delilah (plain white t's cover) 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

meet delilah!

a couple days ago i was walking around downtown and decided to stop in urban outfitters. it's been kind of rocky getting adjusted to college life and i've been feeling pretty down lately, so i decided to hunt for a new camera while i was in there. i finally decided on the pink fisheye that i have been wanting for some time now. i think fisheye pictures can be super fun, especially at the various (crazy) events that often come with the college package. i decided to name her delilah (one of my favorite names<3) and i've already started putting her to use!
lauren (my roomie & bff from high school) and i trundled our beds and my bed is on the top so i have tons of wall space up there. i really want to start a photo collage from all of the pictures i've been taking on my film cameras. i'm putting harry to use like crazy and i'm working on getting lola and delilah through a couple rolls before i take the film in to be printed. i'll post pictures once i get it started!
keep calm & snap on, my friends!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Book Haul!

well first off, i'm SUPER excited because i just won a book giveaway from YIPPEEE! it's the book Breathe by Sarah Crossan and it has gotten AMAZING reviews so i am freaking out and can't wait for it to arrive :D want to see what it's about? here's the summary!

alrighty! onto the book haul! 
A few days ago my university had Meijer Mania and, being the loser I am, I decided to get some books. I also went to Urban Outfitters and picked up a book I have been craving and another copy of one I already have.

I Am Number Four The Lost Files: The Legacies
By Pittacus Lore
to see the click 

Keeping Secrets
By Alyson Noel
read the summary here
apparently this is two different books by Alyson Noel: Saving Zoe and Faking 19. oh well, BONUS!

Diplo's Visual Guide To Music, Culture, and Everything In Between
this isn't a novel but more of an artsy book with awesome photography and tons of playlists from around the world. i've been crushing on this book for a while and i finally went downtown to urban outfitters and picked it up. it hasn't disappointed yet :D

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
By Stephen Chbosky
Read the summary here
i already have this book/read this book but i wanted a copy to keep in my dorm room because i've been obsessed with it ever since i read it a couple years ago. it's an amazing book filled with even more amazing quotes that get stuck in my brain and haunt my dreams and basically fill my entire life. i really want to reread it before the movie comes out so i'm quite excited that i found it tucked away in UO. READ. THIS. BOOK.

are you as excited for the movie to come out as i am?! here's the trailer!

well, those are my latest books! enjoy! :)