Wednesday, August 29, 2012

my happy place

yesterday i moved into my dorm room. it was such chaos that i basically didn't have time to think at all. so when i woke up this morning, i felt pretty alone and homesick and not comfortable in my new room whatsoever. one of my favorite teachers from high school always told me when i was stressed or upset to block out the world and go to my "happy place." last year we decided my happy place was london, seeing as i was getting ready to study with national geographic there this past july. so as i sat here earlier today listening to my "lonely" playlist (i'll post it for you guys sometime), i decided to look through my london pictures and try to visit my happy little place across the pond where i fell in love with the most amazing city (besides new york!!) this past summer.
here are some of the pictures i've gotten around to editing so far. i've been trying different styles with these to see what i like. i'm all over the place with them. i'm reallyyy liking the black and white so far, though. we'll see where i go with the rest of the ones i have yet to tackle :) i hope you enjoy them!

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